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“ I never dreamed I would buy equipment, but this equipment is awesome! So many of us chiropractors get taken in but you have a several month guarantee. Already I'm thrilled with my results! ”

Dr. J. C. (stock image)

"I want to again thank you for giving to the chiropractic profession the best adjusting instrument ever built. The ArthroStim® is many steps ahead of the competition. Keep up the great work."

Dr. W. C (stock image)

“ My upper body is not hurting! I was so anxious about the first day and no experience. I had 75 people today, and I was expecting 50, but did more adjusting than otherwise and I did trigger point 15 to 30 seconds per point. I’ve got energy today at days end and my upper back doesn’t hurt. Only two people asked about manual”

Neal Blaxberg, DC (Stock Image)

"I am a doctor of Chiropractic in Ohio . I have been using the ArthroStim® for over 5 years and love the results and the instrument. Both instruments have lasted for all these years...other instruments my friends are using have been replaced many times in a short period of time, but not my ArthroStim®!!"

Dr T W DC(Stock Image)