The Pro-Accustim®

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Built to perform.


Comfortable, repeatable and effortless toggle recoil

Communicates With The Body

The Accustim® operates at 12-14 beats per second (the body’s low betasomatoneuron level) facilitating change

Adjust Multiple Posistions

Adjust in ways and posistions that cannot be achieved manually

Patient Appreciation

We all have those patients that prefer not to be “cracked”. Build you clinic by allowing them treatment that they prefer

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Piece of mind with your purchase

4 Year Warranty

Industry leading warranty

Save Your Body

Decrease the wear on your body by using techniques that require less effort from you

Increase Knowledge / Increase Options

Access over 20 complete Chiropractic systems that use the Arthrostim (Courses available to stream on

Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting

Chiropractic Device.

An Accustim combined with education and a Chiropractors skill is a formidable combination in the creation of spinal health – Paul Lindsey DC

Toggle On Demand

Comfortable, repeatable and effortless toggle recoil

Save your body

Decrease the wear on your body by using your experience coupled with the Arthrostim


From body-builders to babies you set the right force for your patient

Range Of Motion

Adjust through the range of motion or in the posistion of pain, both of which may be impossible with manual techniques alone

The Pro-Accustim® Adapters

Industry leading adapter selection. Enjoy over 20 individual adapters giving you the choice on how to treat your patient.

20+ Adapters

More adapter, more choice. Give your clinic the ability to choose without buying a different instrument.

Friction Fit Sleeves

Cut down treatment times with rapid friction fit sleeves as standard. Just switch the adapter and go.

Speciality Adapters

From Trigenics® to rib and torquing adapters, their are adapters for your technique and style.

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