Part 2

This guide will help you choose the best adapters for your technique and style.

Single Adapters

Gliding Adapters

Foam Adapters

Forked Adapters

Tuff Skin Adapters

Flat Adapters

Speciality Adapters

Tapered Adapters



Adapting Adapters

Whilst the general descriptions on this page denote what some Chiropractors use these adapters for, it’s important to understand that they are adaptable. You can use them in anyway you see clinically fit. For instance the gliding tips are most commonly used for whole segment spine adjusting, but some Chiropractors use them for treating multiple trigger points in one fluid motion. Therefore you are not limited by what the adapters are designed for but free to make your own clinical decisions.

Gliding Adapters

Gliding adapters are used primarily for adjusting through the range of motion for a whole segment of spine or a combination of segments of the spine. These are used in technique systems that focus on vastly increasing the range of motion giving very visible results and WOW adjustments to your patients. Learn More

Tuff Skin Adapters

This new adapter catagory has arrived with a splash. Combining gliding properties with the pressure dispersal of the foam tips makes for a very versatile set of adapters.

Tappered Adapters

Precise vectors and segments are what the tappered tip adapters are designed for. This work horse of the industry deserves its title.

Foam Adapters

We all come in different shapes, sizes and strengths and this adapter category is designed for that in both practitioner and patient. If you like to exert more pressure with your adjusting then your patients will love the cushioning of the foam tips. The foam tip adapters are also used in many postural and scoliosis techniques taking care of patients different shapes.

Flat Adapters

Cross joint, shearing, torquing and levering are what these adapters do well. wether you need a broad contact for that hip joint or to cross shear a thoracic segment, these adapters may be your answer.


From rib adapters to Trigenics (TM) tips, if you are looking for something different then this is your category.