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Assigning courses with new instrument sales is a vital tool in acquiring new customers. This module shows you how to assign free courses, as well as paid courses,  to a new customers learning portal.

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Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Use A Web Browser And Go To www.InstantChiro.com

Step 2

Make Sure You Are Logged Out

Step 3

Click The Home Button

Step 4

Add The Courses To The Cart. Pelvic Torsion Must Be Added To Activate The Bundle.

Step 5

Add Any Courses  From Different Instructors

Step 6

If The Doctor Paid For Any Courses They Should Also Be Added To Their Cart.

Step 7

When All The Courses Are Added To The Cart Click Checkout.

Step 8

Enter The Discount Code

Current Code


Step 9

Check The Cart Total Is $0.00

Step 10

Enter The DOCTORS Email And Names.


Step 11

Create A Username. Usually, DrFirstname Where Firstname Is The Docs First Name. Give Them A Password From The Approved List Or From What They Tell You.

Step 12

Click Purchase

The Customer Will Now
Receive All The Details Of How To Login  And View Their Courses

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