The New Dimension Percussor®

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New Dimension Percussor®

“The game changing instrument to take your practice to the next level.”

Paul Lindsey DC

  • Industry leading 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Industry Leading 4 Year Warranty

  • Risk Free Investment


Built to perform.

Deep Percussion

Deep, controlable percussion.


The Fascia exerts 200lb’s of force on your structure. Affect the reason your adjustments don’t hold

Soft Tissue Master

Work the soft tissues in a more powerful way,by using your skills and feel to apply the correction.

Patient Appreciation

Patients love, need and expect soft tissue work. With the New Dimension Percussor™ you can do that without damaging your body or increasing treatment times.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Piece of mind with your purchase

4 Year Warranty

Industry leading warranty

Bump Switch

Time is the only commodity that cannot be restocked. The bump switch gets you working fast.

12 Speed Switch

Find the right frequency for your application

Chiropractic Percussion Instrument

Chiropractic Device.

“Focussing on only the 3 joint complex misses one of the critical parts of the problem. The fascia and soft tissues are that extra part that makes the puzzle complete.” – Paul Lindsey DC

Adjustable Hand Strap

The adjustable hand-strap is attached to the New Dimension Percussor™ in a balanced manner – so a practitioner does not have to grasp the barrel of the instrument all day.

Save your body

Decrease the wear on your body by using your experience coupled with the New Dimension Percussor™ weighted system. Stop pushing on the patient and let the instrument do the work.

Changeable Heads

The New Dimension Percussor™  can be used with a wide variety of interchangeable heads

12 Speed Switch

The New Dimension Percussor™ has   12  speeds and numbered settings that add versatility and make it easier to replicate protocols.

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