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Welcome To The Adapter Guide – Part 1

Do you have the question of which adapter to use for which area, technique or adjustment? Well that is what this guide is for. Here you will find many of the ways our Chiropractors use the instrument and with which adapters. As a general rule you choose the adapter for the area. If you have an adult you want to adjust in the thoracic region then a narrow fork will work and in the lumbar a wide fork will work. But in a pediatric environment then the narrow fork would work for the lumabr and you may need an extra narrow for the thoracics.

These are not set rules though, and as an individual Chiropractor you will find what works best for you and your patients. And it may surprise you and us. For instance our Rib Adapter speciality tip is used equally as much for shoulders as it is for ribs.


With over 40 technique systems using the Arthrostim instrument we have found that some systems prefer different adapters. Here are some of the adapters used by various techniques.

Dr Alan Creed

Various Technique Systems

With a title in Dr Creeds library called “101 Uses Of The Rib Adapter”. It’s not hard to see one of his favorites  Learn More

Dr Paul Lindsey

Pelvic Torsion

Dr Lindsey is a major driving force behind this adapter and recomends it for his Pelvic Torsion Course  Learn More

Dr George Gonzalez

Quantum Neurology + GRT

Dr Gonzalez is a powerhouse of Arthrostim use and he has championed the gliding fork adapters in his 5 Minute Fix series  Learn More

Technique Favorite Tip – Dr Creed

Technique Favorite Tip – Dr Lindsey

Technique Favorite Tip – Dr Gonzalez

Focus On Dr Vidan

Favorite Adapter: Single Flat Tip.

“It allows me to get the specificity that I need for any joint or muscle especially the TMJ”

Dr Alex Vidan

Staff Picks

Staff favorites. Want to know what and why staff chose these adapters? here’s why.

Narrow Forked Tuff Skin

Dr Paul Lindsey DC

IMPAC Instructor

“My favorite all round adapter. I use it for many day to day complaints and nearly all of my pelvic torsion Patients”

New Dimension Percussor (Non US. Only)

Single Spinous Torque Ball

Andrew Miller

IMPAC Product Design

“My favorite adapter has got to be the single ball spinous torquing adapter because of all it’s uses that DC’s have created.”

New Dimension Percussor (Non US. Only)


Alicia Gentry

IMPAC Office Staff

“I Love the Accutip adapter. As a mother of 6 kids my Chiropractor has used it to releave morning sickness A LOT”

New Dimension Percussor (Non US. Only)

Focus On Extra Narrow Gliding

Mauris The Extra Narrow Gliding Fork Adapter is a staple of Pediatric Chiropractic and is at home in the focussed pediatric clinic and the occasional user.

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